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Sedation Dentist in Wilton


Sedation Dentistry

Though we generally try not to promote the use of sedation at Wilton Pediatric Dentistry, we recognize that many patients—especially younger ones—can be nervous when visiting the dentist. Luckily, we offer a relaxing, personable environment to help patients feel at ease. In special cases, we do offer safe sedation in the form of nitrous oxide to keep the procedure quick and the patient calm and comfortable.

Coping with

Dental Anxiety

Having a positive attitude toward the dentist can go a long way, especially since children often take their behavioral cues from their parents. Avoiding words like “hurt”, “shot”, “pull”, “drill” and other scary terms will help set your child up for a positive experience at our office. Dr. Sebro and our staff are experts at explaining what’s going on in an age-appropriate and approachable manner. Being able to ease a child’s discomfort is part of the extensive training all pediatric dentists complete. If your child is anxious about a procedure, or even a routine visit, we can work with you to find the proper solution.


Nitrous Oxide

Known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide has been used for many years for patients with dental anxiety. The treatment is simple, harmless, and generally very effective for most patients.  Your child will be conscious and responsive throughout the procedure but will feel very relaxed. Once the procedure is complete, your child is placed on 100% oxygen to remove any trace of the gas from their body before the end of their appointment.



Interested in learning more about nitrous oxide or other techniques to mitigate dental anxiety? At Wilton Pediatric Dentistry, our doors are always open. Feel free to contact us with any question you may have, so you can make the best decisions for your child’s dental health.

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