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Pediatric Dentistry in Wilton


Pediatric Dentistry

Much like how pediatricians are just for kids, pediatric dentists, like Dr. Sebro, have opted for additional training after dental school in order to specialize in children’s unique dental needs. The pediatric specialty includes rigorous training in growth and development, behavior, orthodontics, and how to work with patients with special needs. This training makes pediatric dentists better equipped to make their pint-sized patients feel more comfortable and confident in their oral health, so they can learn and develop positive dental habits for life. 

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Finding the

Perfect practice

Establishing the right doctor-patient relationship at a young age is key to creating healthy dental habits for life. At Wilton Pediatric Dentistry, we keep things personal, so you and your child feel at home during every visit. Our aim is to create a place that your child won’t mind coming back to – and may even enjoy. Choose a practice that offers the education and the atmosphere they need to make good choices for today and tomorrow. 

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Baby teeth basics

Your child’s teeth will begin to erupt around 6-months-old. Within 6 months of their first tooth being visible, it’s time to visit Dr. Sebro. Bringing your child in early gives us the opportunity to catch any problems before they become serious, and marks the beginning of a partnership between your child, Dr. Sebro, and you. As more teeth begin to erupt, it’s also imperative to take special care of those tiny teeth. Healthy baby teeth pave the way for healthy adult smiles.

Keeping your child’s baby teeth healthy is very important, without proper care, cavities can develop which may harm the development of the adult teeth growing below your child’s gums. Many people believe that since baby teeth are naturally lost as a child matures they don’t require the same care as adult teeth, however if a baby tooth is lost too early, it can lead to issues requiring expensive orthodontic treatment.

To foster an environment for healthy teeth, and to prevent premature tooth loss, Dr. Sebro will work with you to form a strong nutrition plan and excellent home care habits. As your child grows, you and Dr. Sebro will work together to make sure your child knows the importance of brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits. With a little teamwork, we’ll help you prepare your little one for a lifetime of healthy smiles.


Childhood tooth care

We all know that sugary foods can damage your teeth. The same goes for your little ones. Limiting sugary snacks and offering healthy meal options for your child can give them the best possible oral health while providing the nutrition they need to grow. Fruits, nuts and cheese, are some examples of tooth-safe options as well as being full of important nutrients. There are plenty of ways to make fun snacks for your child to enjoy. Just ask Dr. Sebro which foods provide the right nutrition for optimal dental health. 

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At Wilton Pediatric Dentistry, no patient is too small, and no question is too minor. Our staff is always prepared to address any questions or concerns you or your child may have. Just give us a call or make an appointment.

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