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Laser Frenectomy in Wilton



Tongue and Lip Ties

Sometimes, a child may be born with a combination of conditions called a tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) and/or a lip-tie causing restrictions in movement that can cause difficulty.

This restriction can affect breastfeeding causing a shallow latch and painful feeding for the mother as well as affect later airway growth and development, solid feeding and speech. Depending on the patient, there are several procedures we may recommend. Here’s your opportunity to learn more about what Wilton Pediatric Dentistry can do for your child.


of tongue ties

In infants a restricted tongue can look like

    • Leaking milk from his or her mouth while eating
    • Difficulty latching or a shallow latch
    • Make clicking or smacking noises when eating
    • Exhibiting slow or poor weight gain
    • Displaying symptoms of reflux or colic

in older children, tethered oral tissues (TOTs) can manifest in other ways

    • Restless sleep
    • Speaking softly (mumble) or struggling to be understood
    • Exhibiting slow or picky eating with frequent choking or gagging on liquids or foods
    • Showing signs of a speech delay
    • Grinding teeth at night, snore, or sleep with their mouth open.

If you suspect your child is being affected and is showing similar symptoms to these contact us to inquire about an evaluation by Dr. Sebro.

Soft Tissue Laser


We use a LightScalpel© soft tissue laser technique in our office to fully remove any restrictions gently and with precision to give each patient the best chance of symptom improvement. There is very little discomfort with the laser and there is almost no bleeding from the laser procedure.

Dr. Sebro with a LightScalpel Laser

Frequently asked


How young is too young to have my baby evaluated for a lip or tongue tie?

There is no age that is too young to have your baby evaluated. We examine newborns all the time – as a nursing mother herself Dr. Sebro treated her own child very soon after birth and saw an immediate improvement. It is best to have a frenectomy, if it is indicated, at a younger age rather than waiting since your baby can form habits and compensations which may require your baby to have additional therapy. Some babies may require additional therapy, i.e speech language pathology therapy for suck, swallow, range of motion, lateralization of tongue, strengthening training etc. fully rehabilitate the oral-facial structures regardless of the age.

What can I expect after the laser frenectomy is done?

Oftentimes there is an immediate improvement, however do not be alarmed if latching is difficult at first. We recommend to be thorough with the prescribed post treatment exercises and to work with the lactation consultant and or a myofunctional therapist to increase the chances of success. Starting a few days after the procedure, the wound(s) will look gooey white and/or yellow in appearance. This is a completely normal way the mouth heals.

Do I need a referral from another doctor?

No, however, we recommend that you have an evaluation with a lactation specialist, IBCLC, prior to making an appointment for your baby. If you have additional diagnostic information from another provider, we encourage you to share that with us during the exam visit. A team approach gives the best chance for symptom improvement and success post procedure.



We know that it can be overwhelming as a new parent if you’ve found your infant has feeding issues. Dr. Sebro is happy to help with evaluation and treatment when appropriate. She will work with you and your other healthcare providers to give your child the best chance of success. Give us a call with any questions, or to make an appointment.

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