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Dental X-rays and why they’re important

Dr. Sebro getting dental x-rays taken

Dr Ashleigh taking an x-ray at her dentist!

At Wilton Pediatric Dentistry, our focus is always on prevention and education. A question we get often from parents is why are x-rays important and at what age do they start? The answer is that it depends on each patient. We try to take our first set of bitewing x-rays (to check for cavities between the teeth) once the teeth are touching. For some patients this is around age 4 and for others it can be as late as 6. Around the time that the first permanent molars are in the mouth (between ages 6-9) we take a panoramic x-ray to check for development. This x-ray allows us to diagnose missing teeth, and get an idea if braces are likely to be needed in the future

Dr. Sebro does not have a one-size-fits-all approach to prescribing x-rays. She considers every child’s individual dental history, risks and behavior before recommending x-rays. We use the smallest digital sensors for comfort and to allow for a clearer image at a lower dose of radiation than traditional films. We also follow all safety guidelines of shielding to minimize the radiation exposure to our patients as well as our team.

The idea of radiation can be scary for parents but used correctly and conservatively x-rays are an essential tool for early detection and diagnosis of dental problems. If you have any questions about our x-ray protocol, feel free to call the office at 203-529-1242.

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